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Bloom Box: Totally Tulips!

This box is full of the week's most tantelizing tulips!

We know how talented our clients are and how much you all enjoy the creativity of flower arranging at home. We provide you with the tools while you bring the creativity. 

Snip & arrange these Bloom Box stems into your very own vases or call us to purchase a selection of ours. 

Each week, we curate the most gorgeous novelty tulips for your enjoyment. 

We offer the boxes in two sizes. Simply choose below. 


50 assorted novelty tulips (parrot, frills, double)


100 assorted novelty tulips (parrots, frills, double & more!)

*Please note that we will choose the color assortment each week. It allows us to create a selection that is cohesive in design & also eliminate waste by over assorting our inventory. Thank you in advance!

**Must be order 3 days prior to delivery.