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Farmhouse Reclaimed Wood Mini Stools-Stool-Home Decor-8x8 in

Beautifully handmade and hand-painted, our reclaimed wood mini Farmhouse stools are just so cute. Three colors to choose from. Handmade from solid pine wood and then hand painted, these pieces will surely make a scene in your store. They measure about 8 x 8 x8 inches. Keep in mind that each piece is handmade, and unique and therefore will vary slightly in tone, color etc.. from the photo. Size may vary as each is handmade.. Note: Colors and color tones may vary as each is handmade. The photo is just a representation. Please keep that in mind. These are very rustic and do not expect a machine-perfect piece. There may be rough areas, nail holes, etc.. keep that in mind and buy accordingly.