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Galaxy - Flow Vase

It’s safe to say that Galaxy has been for a long, long time, far, far and away one of our favorite bestsellers. As small flower vases come, Galaxy is as fun and flexible as you’re likely to ever see - search for flower vase ceramic and we guarantee you won’t find anything as garishly glitzy as these little guys. You don’t even need to aim for the stars for this one, we have it right here for you! En mass, this slim bud vase looks incredible in a cluster of eclectic colors. The choice you have, you could say, is almost out of this world! Unlike other simple small flower vases, Galaxy possesses an opalescent shimmer that adds glee and whimsy to the off-kilter flow shape of the vase. Depending on how high you place it on your shelves or window ledges, it can look like an entirely different flower vase ceramic creation altogether.