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Jade Green Glazed Shot Glasses (4 Pack)

Sale price$75.00

Made in Santa María Atzompa Oaxaca, Mexico, the piece is shaped by hand, is smoothened, and lightly burnished. The style decoration is sgraffito (a form of scratching) and pastillage can be used. The piece is first burned, and then the jade green color is applied as well as lead-free boron-based enamel and then put back in the kiln. You'll be able to appreciate your most precious mezcal with a drinking vessel that has an exciting glow made from earth native to the region. It even has a "Oaxaca" inscription on the glass. No pieces are the exact same and they stand roughly 3.0" tall and are 1.5" wide. Style: Barro Verde Material: Oaxacan Clay Volume: 1.5 oz Our Promise: Ethically sourced from Mexican Artisans