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Kavana Decor by The Import Collection

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Aguilera Oversized Bowl
Aguilera Oversized Bowl Sale price$198.00
Astapa Gold Aluminum Bowl, 18l"
Sold outAthena Platters -Set 2Athena Platters -Set 2
Athena Platters -Set 2 Sale price$45.00
Belinda Vases -Set 3
Belinda Vases -Set 3 Sale price$65.00
Belton Bowl
Belton Bowl Sale price$185.00
Bonnie Bowls -Set 2
Bonnie Bowls -Set 2 Sale price$50.00
Bordeaux BowlBordeaux Bowl
Bordeaux Bowl Sale price$145.00
Calia Platters -Set 3Calia Platters -Set 3
Calia Platters -Set 3 Sale price$98.00
Carmen Bowls -Set 2
Carmen Bowls -Set 2 Sale price$50.00
Caspian BowlCaspian Bowl
Caspian Bowl Sale price$98.00
Cinnimon Red and White Ceramic Egg Urn, 13h"
Sold outCinnimon Red and White Ceramic Urn, 15h"
Cole Bowl
Cole Bowl Sale price$75.00
Crosse Trays -Set 2
Crosse Trays -Set 2 Sale price$140.00
Dante Gold Aluminum Tall Floral Pedestal, 12h"
Deloit Vases -Set 3Deloit Vases -Set 3
Deloit Vases -Set 3 Sale price$45.00
Diem Trays -Set 2Diem Trays -Set 2
Diem Trays -Set 2 Sale price$180.00
Haven Bottles -Set 3
Haven Bottles -Set 3 Sale price$198.00
Havis Bowl
Havis Bowl Sale price$95.00
Hayden Bowl
Hayden Bowl Sale price$85.00
Kalise Pitcher
Kalise Pitcher Sale price$60.00
Sold outKenger Gray Stoneware Short Vase
Kenger Gray Stoneware Tall Vase, 13.5h"Kenger Gray Stoneware Tall Vase, 13.5h"
Kings Mini Vases -Ast 3
Kings Mini Vases -Ast 3 Sale price$78.00
Laguna Pitcher Vase
Laguna Pitcher Vase Sale price$40.00
Lapis Blue and Gold Ceramic Round Urn, 12h"
Sold outLarson Quartz Sand Loop Statuary, 17h"
Lex Abstract Statuary
Lex Abstract Statuary Sale price$90.00
Litton Dish
Litton Dish Sale price$46.00
Mateo Bowls -Set 2Mateo Bowls -Set 2
Mateo Bowls -Set 2 Sale price$90.00
Meridian Vases -Set 3Meridian Vases -Set 3
Meridian Vases -Set 3 Sale price$95.00
Monique Art BowlMonique Art Bowl
Monique Art Bowl Sale price$85.00
Mordecai Urn
Mordecai Urn Sale price$70.00
Morris Jars -Set 2
Morris Jars -Set 2 Sale price$100.00
Pinut PlatterPinut Platter
Pinut Platter Sale price$80.00
Plano Bowl
Plano Bowl Sale price$130.00
Proud Horse Statue
Proud Horse Statue Sale price$85.00
Remo BowlRemo Bowl
Remo Bowl Sale price$45.00
Sold outRhonna Curvy Bowl
Rhonna Curvy Bowl Sale price$95.00
Rosaline Bowl
Rosaline Bowl Sale price$85.00
Rosette Bowl
Rosette Bowl Sale price$78.00
Sold outSavannah Canisters -Set 3
Savannah Canisters -Set 3 Sale price$150.00
Simi Platter
Simi Platter Sale price$85.00
Thompson Bowl
Thompson Bowl Sale price$80.00
Sold outToba BowlToba Bowl
Toba Bowl Sale price$75.00
Turner Bowl
Turner Bowl Sale price$89.00
Sold outWaves Short Urn
Waves Short Urn Sale price$50.00
Waves Tall Urn
Waves Tall Urn Sale price$65.00