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PARIS – Dreamy Tips for the City of Love

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Paris – Dreamy Tips for the City of Love welcomes you on a mesmerising journey through the streets of Paris. This travel guide book is a different take on the beloved city of love and shares the tips of a Nordic creative. This travel guide book is a treasure trove of lovingly curated insights that will awaken your senses to the city’s arts, interiors, aesthetics, architecture, culinary delights and vintage gems. The pages of this travel guide book radiate a “joie de vivre”, inviting you to inhale the alluring fragrance of boulangeries, sense the shifting seasons and feel the paper between your fingers as you browse through an antiquarian haven. Feel the Parisian ambience and pulse of local life, discover the most enchanting corners and panoramic vistas, and delve into insider tips for sights you won’t want to miss. So, are you ready to wander the stunning streets of Paris and allow it to surprise you on the way?